About Me

[2022] I have now been based in central France for two years. Getting stuck here at the start of the pandemic took me in unexpected and fantastic directions. See my new blog for more.

[2020] In the summer of 2017, two years after losing my husband in a motorcycle accident, I went motorcycle camping for the first time. I enjoyed the two day trip so much that I decided I was going to give up my job and ride around the world. 

Ok, there was a bit more to it than that, including a tidal wave or two of pain and grief. But anyway I decided to do this epic undertaking because it was the scariest thing I could think of doing.

In July 2018 I set off from the UK on my Triumph Tiger. I zigzaged through Europe and then headed east on the north Silk Road, through Central Asia to South East Asia, where I got stuck for a while before escaping to the vastness that is Australia. 

After a brief visit back to the UK to shed the anchors of material possessions, Boo Tiger and I flew to North America aiming for another few continents. But things didn’t quite go to plan. Plan D that was.

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