Apr 18 – Adventure Travel Training

Had some amazing experiences this weekend doing the Adventure Training course with Off-Road Skills in the Brecon Beacons.


Some of the things covered were steep slopes, freeing stuck bikes, ruts, ruts filled with water, water crossings, pillions, towing, tight turns, lots of riding on mud (lots of mud), forest tracks, gravel ….

Very enjoyable, learnt loads, absolutely exhausted. Unfortunately didn’t get photos of the really knarly bits, didn’t fancy stopping !

I did the Level 1 in a ladies groups last year but having done this one with the guys I’d say I preferred it mixed. They were great. I think I was probably pushing myself a bit more but never felt out of my depth (well just enough, and maybe once when the water was over my knees when I had to paddle). Always someone there to help pick the bike up after a mishap. And the instructor Gwyn was very well in tune with the group.

I also have mega respect for the two ladies who did all this being thrown around as pillions for two days !!

I’ll be back with them in June for Adventure Maintenance